The New Reality

Metaverse is a decentralised platform based on blockchain technology.
Metaverse is building a web of Smart Properties and establishing an open ecosystem
in which digital value can be circulated freely.

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Metaverse Features

Digital Asset Registration Digital Asset Registration Digital assets are a new type of asset with ever growing importance. With only a few clicks you can own your assets onchain today!
Digital Identity Design Digital Identity Design Build your own digital identity on Metaverse where records last permanently.
Oracle Intermediary Oracle Intermediary Intermediary services(Oracles) are built upon a decentralised reputation system and act as a link between Metaverse and the real world.
Decentralized Exchange Decentralized Exchange Metaverse allows value to be exchanged freely and easily, paving the way for the Internet of Value.
Metaverse White Paper
Digital Identity White Paper

Metaverse ETP

ETP is the token used on Metaverse and can be used to measure the value of smart properties in Metaverse or as collateral in financial transactions. ETP is also used to pay transaction and other fees applied on Metaverse.


The security of ETP is guaranteed by the ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm). ETP represents the utility of Metaverse. The price of ETP will not be anchored on any fiat currency or cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, but will depend on the demand for ETP as well as the development of Metaverse’s ecosystem.


Zen Gold

Zen Gold creates crypto assets that are backed by physical gold and can be bought and transfered instantly anywhere in the world while having pertinent asset information securely stored onto an unalterable Metaverse Blockchain.

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ZenAira blockchain application in the OTA industry.

ZenAir is a smart technology system in the online travel agency (OTA) industry, based on Metaverse Blockchain and endorsed by physical travel agents.

In the Metaverse public blockchain, users can make use of its digital identity system to book the best hotel and travel deals, backed by blockchain technology. ZenAir aims to disrupt the existing OTA industry by creating a decentralized, high-quality resource center for OTA through real-time data, dynamic distribution channels and services provided by travel management companies. ZenAir is striving to integrate OTA with Metaverse's digital identity system to create and shape a brand new model for the global OTA industry.

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Our Team

Metaverse has assembled a dynamic and professional international team with a management layer that pursues excellence and experienced developers.

Eric Gu
Eric Gu Founder and CEO
Hao Chen
Hao Chen CTO
Janice Shi
Janice Shi The Head Of Global Development

Our Technical Team

Dongyun Wang
Dongyun Wang Database, C++,Developer
Sven Full-stack Engineer
Daoqun Wang
Daoqun Wang Java Developer
Jian Lan
Jian Lan C++,Developer
Qianwen Sun
Qianwen Sun Mining, C++,Developer
Lianghe Jiang
Lianghe Jiang Network, C++,Developer



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